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Nicole Fromm is a creative clothing designer and fabric artist. Fashion inspirations stemmed early in her life from her Father's experiences as both a tailor and weaver in Germany. He studied as a Tailor in Bamberg from 1949-1953, and shortly thereafter began work as a loom technician weaving suiting fabrics in Pfullingen until 1957, the year he decided to immigrate to Canada by boat. Growing up in the Southern Prairies of Canada, Nicole was captivated by many expressive arts. Her fierce love for the stage and ardent interest in music has never left her. Nicole moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in 2009. . Her devotion to hand work has been demonstrated in many mediums over the years. She now has found her niche in textiles and clothing design. She has been focusing primarily on textile manipulations, dying fabrics and costume design as an avenue of expression. She is well versed in pattern drafting, garment construction as well as computer and hand illustration for fashion design. Nicole has always had a fascination with miniatures. She has been an avid collector of these tiny treasures of all types. We can see this directly translate in her design process through her keen attention to detail. Her collection of fabulous mini-finds quickly grew and soon hatched her accessories brand  Lây It Õn Mé in 2011. Using these itty-bitty gems she adorned her friends and art enthusiasts with one of a kind fascinators.  Lây It Õn Mé accessories were selling in art galleries and Blim Markets in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Since then, through her studies at Vancouver Community College in Fashion Design, she has transformed the brand from accessories to what it yields now; creating quirky fabric prints and garments made to turn heads. Her most recent works have been the making of specialty costumes for a performance collective by the name of Omnika in Motion. The costumes were showcased during Omnika’s performances for the past two consecutive years at a number of festivals and shows on the West Coast including Shambhala and Basscoast Music festival and Cirque de Naïve. During Shambhala a 5 day music festival in British Columbia Nicole was also approached by the Shambhala Amphitheatre stage  for the past two years running to both host and curate the Shambhala 2014 & 2015 fashion shows. Nicole assisted in showcasing fashion designers and accessory designers from all over North America. In 2014 her co-host was Evan Bidell (contestant and runner up of Project Runway Canada). For the most recent 2015 Shambhala Fashion Show she decided to take center stage not only as a solo host for the show but also in showing her own works on the catwalk. Of course not without a little help from her favorite performers and models Omnika in Motion.


Nicole loves designing artistic clothing with an essence of excellence for her clients to advance in.

Nicole Fromm 

Designer and Fabric Artist for 


Started in 2011 as a tiny spark of inspiration...That inspiration came in a crackerjack box, a tiny pink gun that would soon transform into a blast of imagination and inside the shooters mind was enough ammunition to last a life time or two. The pistol's owner was unaware of her potential. Her name was Nicole Fromm and with that little pink pistol effects she was about to create a whole new wardrobe for her clients closets to be filled with.  Lây It Õn Mé designs flourished and grew with Nicole’s explorations of texture,shape and balance. She explored the Arts and then focused on Fashion. Although the brand itself began before her studies in fashion as an accessory brand it soon settled into a clothing brand built upon personal style, pizazz and reflections of a vivacious character or muse.   Lây It Õn Mé  clothing is made for the type of gal that never goes unnoticed. Over time these garments are made not to hit trends but make them. Personality fallows the fabric and morphs the individual through both memory & movement.

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